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 Top: left to right, Doug Allen and Dick Wood, Frank Gandy with Grandson Brett Gandy, Ann Clark, Victoria Cook and Debbie Ohl, Ann Butz with Lenny Cardinale,           Left: Ken Watkins, Gail Martin, Eva  and Dan Martin


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"Dream the Impossible Dream"



Reach for the unreachable star







 Dreams Really Do Come True

By Diane Miller



Dave had a favorite saying  “ It’s not about the Destination, but the Journey".

 A journey that began almost 45 years ago.

The path wasn't always an easy one, but when the road got a little rough and things became difficult, he would say  "Remember the plan, Don’t  lose sight of the mission.

As time went by each piece of the puzzle was put into place knowing that someday, no matter how long it might take we would reach our final goal.

And as the years passed and we began to lose our hero’s we continued with the plan and never lost sight of the mission.

With Dave's passing some thought that would be the end of the Hall of Fame. But to those of us who were left to continue the quest, and had made a promise, we were determined to reach that final goal..

What you saw last night far surpassed our wildest dreams, and this is only a sample of what’s in store for the future. As one chapter ends another begins and the possibilities are endless.

Wherever you are Dave, I hope we have made you proud.  Thank you for allowing us to share your journey, and  be able to reach for that unreachable star.

"Nothing is impossible if you dare to dream".  Dreams really do come true.    






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