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Class of 1972

Fred Bear
      Howard Hill
      Ann Weber Hoyt
      Karl  Palmatier  
      Ben Pearson  
      Maurice Thompson
      Russ Hoogerhyde  

Class of 1973
Dr. Robert Elmer
      Saxton Pope
      Rube Powell
      Clayton B. Shenk
      Art Young

    Class of 1974
Dorothy Cummings

      Harry Drake
      Doug Easton
      John Yount

     Class of 1975
Paul Crouch
        Mrs. Lida Howell
        Jean Lombardo

     Class of 1976
Babe Bitzenburger
        Dr. Paul Klopsteg
        Louis Smith

Class of 1977

C. N. Hickman
        Earl Hoyt Jr.
        Myrtle Miller

     Class of 1978
       Roy Hoff
        Ann Marston
        Homer Taylor

     Class of 1979
 Will  Thompson
       Lura R. Wilson  

    Class of 1980
Florence Lilly
      George Helwig

     Class of 1982
     Al Henderson

Class of 1984
      Ann Clark

      Class of 1985

      Robert Rhode
      Chuck Saunders

Class of 1986
Henry Bitzenburger  
Doreen Wilber

Class of 1988
Roy Case

Class of 1991
Glenn St. Charles

Class of 1997
Jim Dougherty
Jim Easton
Bob Kelly  
Frank Scott

Class of 1998
Bill Wadsworth

Class of 1999
Floyd Eccleston
Tom Jennings 
Dick Lattimer

Class of 2000
Stacy Groscup
Bob Swinehart

Class of 2001
Larry C. Whiffen

Class of 2002
Norbert Mullaney

Class of 2003
Allan Martin
M. R. James  *

Class of 2004
Rollin Bohning

Class of 2005
Dr.  "Bert" Grayson
Len Cardinale *

Class of 2006
Ed Rohde

Class of 2007
William Bednar
David Samuel *  

Class of 2008
Chuck Adams*
Julia Body *
George Gardner
Dave Staples

Class of 2010
G. Fred Asbell  
Will "Chief" Compton
Holless Wilbur Allen
Frank Gandy

Class of 2011
Gail Martin
Ann Butz *
Victoria  Cook 

Class of 201
Bob Lee  

Class of 2013
Aldo Leopold
Victor Berger *

Class of 2014
Clarence "Bud" Fowkes
Margaret Klann

Class of 2015
Darrell Pace **
Randy Ulmer *
ohn Williams   *
Jack Witt

Class of 2016
Owen Jeffery
Dick Mauch

Class of 2017
Michelle Ragsdale *

Terry Ragsdale *

Class of 2018
Richard Carella
Bob Markworth 
Pete Shepley  *

Class of 2019
Robert Eastman *
Dwight Schuh
The Wilson Boys

Class of 2022
Edwin Eliason *
The Gordon Brothers

Class of 2023
Byron Ferguson *
Charles (Chuck) Jordan
Richard (Dick) Tone
Living Member

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