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Roy Hoff



Class of 1978
Bowhunter, Competitor

Born  in 1903, in Gunnison, Colorado, Roy owned, edited and published Archery magazine, the official publication of the National Field Archery Association for over 20 years. Through this publication, archery and bowhunting received national and international recognition.

Hoff has contributed so much time and effort promoting archery in California that in 1962 the state organization, then known as the California Bowmen Hunters and Field Archery Association, gave special recognition to Roy by calling him the "Father of Organized Archery" in California. In 1962 he was awarded the NFAA "Compton Medal of Honor". Whether it be organized archery, bowhunting or tournament archery Roy was there-not for just a period of years, but from the start in 1943.



1972 Roy and Frieda Hoff relax in Hawaii


Notes of Interest


    * Founder of Archery Magazine, Official Publication of the National Field Archery  Association

    * Champion Tournament Archer and Avid Bowhunter, Led the Fight for Archery-Only Hunting Seasons in the Early 1940s

    * First President of the California Bowmen Hunters, 1943. CBH State Target Champion, 1945

    * Extensively Involved in the Formation and Growth of the NFAA

    * Tireless Promoter of Archery and Bowhunting for More Than 40 Years

    * Awarded the NFAA Compton Medal of Honor, 1962



Karl Palmatier with Roy


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