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  Robert Rhode

   1929 - 2000



Class of 1985     

Competitor, Contributor to the Sport  


   Bob loved every part of archery, the sport, the industry, its history and the people involved.  In 1955 Bob attended the World Archery championships in Helsinki, Finland where he finished with the silver medal.


Bob's career in archery began with the Ben Pearson Archery Co. Later he worked with American, Bear, P.S.E. and Hoyt USA where he retired as their senior Vice President. Bob became archery's historian by taking on the task of gathering 150 years worth of historical  information and photographs about the sport. He compiled and published over six volumes on the history of FITA, the NAA, and the NFAA along with three volumes titled "Archery Champions".


  Notes of Interest

  •        Member United States Team in World Championships, 1959

  •        Silver Medal  in World Championships, 1955

  •        NAA Champion, 1954

  •         Canadian International Champion, 1958

  •         First President, Professional Archers Association, 1962

  •         Recipient, NAA’s Thompson Medal of Honor, 1989

  •          Archery Historian  and Author


        George Helwig, Bob Rhode, Chuck Saunders                   

and Joe Rusinek, 1985 Induction




          World Team - 1959



                            Top Target, 1959 NAA Nationals                           


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