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  Jim Dougherty


1936 -  2015

Class of 1997
Bowhunter, Contributor to the Sport, Influence on the Sport

In truth, there are only a handful of bowhunters whose names and faces are instantly recognizable to fellow practitioners of the sport, and fewer people still have given their lives to bowhunting, personally and professionally, blazing a trail for others to follow while leaving giant sized tracks as evidence of their being on this earth.

Jim Dougherty is such a man.





Why do I bowhunt? Because I love it. Sometimes I get very frustrated, but I think we are supposed to. After all, we do it because we want to make things a bit more difficult, because we like the challenge,. One way or another I am involved in it – or around it – 24 hours a day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

 “ I would like to be remembered as a guy who loved to bowhunt, who did it rather well and who tried to represent the sport properly.”    

                                                                                               Jim Dougherty


 Notes of Interest


  • Internationally Known Archery Spokesman and Successful Bowhunter; Book Author, Magazine Columnist, and Feature Writer

  • PAA Pro Archer of the Year 1977; National Bowhunter Education Foundation Board Member; Chairman Bear Archery Bowhunting Council

  • Past President of Pope and Young Club and American Archery Council

  • Worked for Ben Pearson; Founder of Jim Dougherty Archery

  • Numerous Pope and Young Club Record Book Entries

  • Lifelong Archer and World Champion Varmint Caller






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