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  Len Cardinale

   1939 -


Class of 2005
Contributor to the Sport, Influence on the Sport

    Cardinale is often said the be your "average Joe" Archery Dealer who made monumental accomplishments promoting archery locally and nationwide. What is perhaps more incredible is that "Lenny" achieved his bowhunting and archery fame in the shadows of the skyscrapers of Manhattan, in densely populated northern New Jersey.

Opening his archery business, (Butts and Bows) in 1964, its reputation was built on sharing bowhunting and fun. Cardinale organized bowhunting bus trips, loading 50 of his city-dwelling customers for day long trips to hunt deer on state land in rural New Jersey. His woodchuck and carp contests often drew more than 250 entries. At its peak the Butts and Bows deer contest attracted 1,800 participants.

Not only was Lenny an accomplished bowhunter, and magazine writer, but also for decades, one of the most sought after coaches in the archery industry having coached such people as five time PAA women's champion, Ann Butz from Suffern, New York. Lenny's  interpretation and presentation of "the shot" revolutionized how coaches taught the concept of shooting an arrow.

Len with long time buddies,

Dave Staples and "Little John" DeMuri.

Photo taken in 1969







     Notes of Interest


  • Opened Butts and Bows Archery Dealership in New Jersey, 1964

  • Founding Member Archery Lanes Operators Association (ALOA)

  • Successful Coach; Presentation of “The Shot” Revolutionized How Coaches Teach Releasing the Arrow

  • Professional Archery Association Advanced Coaching Instructor; Master Coach National Field Archery Association International Class; NAA Master Coach, Level 5; The World Archery Center Advanced Coaching Lecturer

  • Successful Bowhunter with Numerous Record Book Entries; Senior Member, Pope and Young Club










Ian Fenton from Australia with Lenny

 during 2010 Induction Ceremony.

Lenny with Manufacturer's Rep, and
long time friend Sherwood Schoch

Len with presenter, Dave Staples, at the
 2006 Induction

Present day carp hunt, Lenny with Deano Farkas


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