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  Harry Drake

 1915 - 1997

Class of 1974
Competitor, Influence on the Sport

Bow Designer, Developer, and Flight Shooter Extraordinaire

Born in Kansas, May 7, 1915. Harry Drake was an early pioneer in the designing and building of the modern "composite" bow. Although Drake's bow won many State and National tournaments he will perhaps be best remembered for the deve1opment of flight bows, both foot and hand held.


Drake built the first bow to cast an arrow over 600 yards since the days of the ancient Turks. (May 31, 1947, Southern California Archery Association tournament - 603 yards). Bows built by Harry, have established more flight records than any other bowyer since man has recorded such things.

A Drake bow designed in 1964 shot a record of 1,077 yards  on October 24, 1971 at Ivanpah Dry Lake in the high desert of California during the Official N.A.A. Flight Championships.

From an unlimited footbow, he conceived, designed and built, Harry Drake shot an arrow 2,028 yards.

In July of 1997,  at the age of 83,  Drake fell off his motor bike while returning from a flight tournament and died from complications.


  •    Notes of Interest

  • National Archery Association Flight Champion, 1951, ‘58

  •  National Archery Association Professional Flight Champion, 1963, ‘64, ‘66, ‘67, ‘68, ‘’71, ‘73, ‘74 and ‘76

  • Became First person To Shoot an Arrow over One Mile; Set Record at 1971 National Flight Championships

  • Bow Designer and Manufacturer

  • Recipient, NAA’s Thompson Medal of Honor, 1993

  • For 29 Straight Years, Starting in 1947, Drake Bows Held the Men's National Flight Record




 1968 National Flight Championships



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