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    Gail Martin

                      1923 - 2013



Class of 2011
 Bowhunter, Contributor to the Sport

 At the age of 14, Gail Martin first shot and old hickory longbow he borrowed from his elder brother Glenn. The year was 1937, and he was instantly hooked on archery, though it would be several years before he became fully involved with the sport.

In 1946 he began to really get involved with archery and bowhunting with his brother, Clint and he started shooting one of his spare recurve bows. His first “new bow” was purchased from Damon Howatt in 1949. Since then a lifetime of hunting has provided him with a wealth of great experiences, stories, successes and wonderful memories.


In the 60’s he became a major force in the bow manufacturing business, a reputation that continues today. Gail and his wife, Eva, along with their sons and other family members have operated Martin Archery in Walla Walla, Washington for more than 50 years, making the company the oldest one-owner archery manufacturer in the country.


Notes of Interest



  •  Founded World Famous Family-Run Martin Archery in Walla Walla, Washington, 1951

  •  Took Up Archery at 14; Began Bowhunting in the Late 1940s

  •  Martin Archery Initially Produced Custom Arrows, Archery Accessories, Bowstrings, and Quality Recurves; Introduced Its First Compound Bow in 1975, a One-Cam Model

  •  Purchased Damon Howatt Archery in 1976 and Expanded the Martin Line of Traditional and Modern Bows To Suit Any Archer’s Needs

  • Wife Eva, Sons Dan and Terry, and Grandson Ryan Assisted In Building the Martin Archery Business




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