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of Fame


Andy Simo



Category B - Bowhunters who have shown Excellence in the Design and Manufacturing of Archery Equipment

Andy Simo, President of New Archery Products, was first introduced to bowhunting while working as a structural engineer for Boeing aircraft in Washington. The year was 1961 and Andy was hooked. A Purdue graduate, competition field archer and Georgia state champion, Andy spent the late 1960s working for NASA as one of the structural engineers responsible for the first stage of the Saturn V moon rocket. 

By the early 1970s, the Saturn V project was nearing its last days and the Simo family had returned to his hometown near Chicago. In 1973, with his wife, Cherie, Andy established his own archery company building the first-of-a-kind "FlipperRest" arrowrest. Soon after, Andy introduced his first broadhead, the Razorbak 5. The success of this revolutionary broadhead set the stage for New Archery Products to become North America's foremost manufacturer of archery accessories.

With Andy at the helm, New Archery Products now produces and markets many of the industry's finest broadheads, arrowrests and archery accessories. N.A.P's innovative products include ThunderheadŽ, the world's #1 selling broadhead; as well as SpitfireŽ; ShockwaveŽ and ScorpionŽ. N.A.P.'s QuikTuneŽ Standard and Drop-Away arrrowrests consistently win awards. The latest addition to the line, QuikTune 2000 RG Drop-Away, is the first-ever drop-away arrowrest specifically designed for Mathews' rollerguard bows. 

For 2004, N.A.P. is introducing ThunderBlox-a vibration dampening system that reduces shot noise by up to 75%; Crossfire-a Metal Injection Molded Broadhead that's sharp and accurate; Nitron-a tough, accurate, all-steel mini-head; Spitfire XP with a penetrating cut-on-contact mini-blade tip; and QuikSpin vanes that increase arrow accuracy in an instant. 

Andy is a father, youthful grandfather, and a believer that if anything is worth doing, it's worth doing to the very best of your abilities, and bringing together the best talents to achieve it.





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