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              Bowhunter's Hall
of Fame


 Jim Fletcher 


Category B - Bowhunters who have shown Excellence in the Design and Manufacturing of Archery Equipment


    Blessed with an inventive and restless mind, Jim Fletcher, early in his introduction to archery starting making archery inventions to help his fellow archers. His desire was to help his friends who became discouraged by inventing archery products that would help their shooting. He has helped archers world wide with the introduction of the string site that splits the bowstring in half, the kisser button and the over-center trigger mechanism release.

   Jim and his wife Louise started shooting archery together as a result of buying bows for each other as Christmas presents in 1949. Over 50 years later he is still active in the archery industry. Jim has been a sponsor of many archery tournaments over the years and has helped archery clubs maintain their ranges. He has been a member and officer of several archery clubs and has contributed funds for building projects. His help with handicapped archers has made archery an enjoyable sport for all. His family continues the tradition of archery that Jim started.





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